Rental Policy

For Model 1211 and Model 1201 amplifiers, we have limited rental units available for our institutional customers, including all students in US universities, to meet their needs for relatively short term usage.

Each rental unit before we sent out it will be fully calibrated to meet the design specifications. We expect that the instruments will be under normal lab use during the rental period and they will need to pass our inspection upon return to our factory.

Customers will be required to guarantee the safe return as well. If there is issue during the usage we will be responsible for the repair as long as there is no abuse with the instruments.

With proper guarantee the deposit amount can be as little as $200 for renting a unit. The detailed price info is as follow:

For Model 1211 Current Preamplifier:

  • Monthly rental: $200/month
  • Half year rental: $150/month
  • One year rental: $120/month

For Model 1201 Voltage Preamplifier

  • Monthly rental: $180/month
  • Half year rental: $130/month
  • One year rental: $100/month

For other longer term rental request please call 6075391108 or Email for special arrangement.

There is no rental service for our international customers for the time being.