Sales & Services

DL INSTRUMENTS directly sells and services its products to every country except in Japan, where TOYO Corporation is DL’s exclusive sales representation. Our customers from all other countries may directly communicate with us for quotations, orders and all other service requests.

Phone: 6075391108
Fax: 6075391107

Calibration Policy

This policy is applied to both our national and international customers for all instruments presently sold by DL Instruments.

DL Instruments recommends yearly calibration to maintain the instrument precision.

DL Instruments will calibrate all instruments which are currently manufactured. For discontinued products, an evaluation will be made on a case by case basis. Please call or Email before sending in the units.

The cost to have a full calibration ranges from $200-$300/unit depending on the model number.

Turn-around time is one week (excluding shipping time).

If during the calibration there is any repair needed to be done the customer will be notified to make a decision as to how to proceed.

The rate stated above does not including the shipping charge.

Buy Back Policy

DL Instrument will buy back customers unused or unwanted model 1211 or 1201 units.

The customer can either get paid for the unit or use the proceeds as credit towards a new purchase.

The Buy Back procedure:

  1. Notify DL Instruments by either sending an email or calling.
    Please provide the serial number(s) of the unit(s) for sale.
  2. DL Instruments will provide the shipping address and instruction to ensure the units safe arrival.
  3. DL Instruments then will evaluate the unit for pricing. The pricing will depend on how well the unit looks and how well it operates.

If no price agreement can be achieved, DL Instruments will ship the unit back to you at no cost.

Repair Policy

This policy applied to both our national and international customers.

DL Instruments will perform repair work on all models which are currently for sale. Discontinued products will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Please call or email before sending the unit in.

Repair cost varies with each unit, and is based on the model, parts cost, and the time cost to do the repair work. Based on past experience the average cost for one unit is about $300.

After receiving the units our customers send in, a preliminary diagnostic will be made by our engineers to evaluate the situation at cost of $100. The customer then will get a detailed report on what went wrong and what would be the cost to repair the unit.

If our customers decide not to perform the repair work, the units will be sent back to our customers charging $100.00 diagnostics fee plus shipping.

If our customers decide to have the units repaired at the quoted price, the units will be fixed and returned to our customers within 1 week (excluding shipping time).

Warranty Information

There is a one year free warranty for each newly sold instrument. If the failure was cause by abnormal conditions of operation, storage or transportation, then this warranty is void. The battery package is not included in the warranty.