About DL Instruments

DL Instruments LLC was formerly known as the Precision Instrumentation Division of Ithaco Corporation. In 1995 under President Edgar Seymour, the division was sold to Mr. David Woolston, who was then the Director of Quality at Ithaco Corporation, to form a new entity named DL Instruments LLC.

For 17 years under Mr. David Woolston’s leadership, DL Instruments carried on the Ithaco heritage, building top line precision instrumentations and serving its global distinguished customers. DL’s products are the choice tools for global scientific and research community with more and more applications in educational, industrial and military fields.

In 2012 Mr. David Woolston retired from DL Instruments and Mr. Andrew Moschak, a veteran and a Senior Design Engineer working at Ithaco for 26 years, succeeded Mr. David Woolston to become the President and Chief Engineer of DL Instruments.

DL Instruments continues to build and service Ithaco low noise current preamplifier Model 1211, current preamplifier Model 1212, low noise voltage preamplifier Model 1201, multi-channel current preamplifiers Model 99539, 100 series high-impedance preamplifiers, 4302A dual filter and many hydrophone preamplifier products.

We are proud of our Ithaco heritage and are committed to continue to deliver more value to our global customers.

Thank you so much for growing with us for more than 50 years!