Hydrophone Preamplifiers

hydrophone_preamplifiersStandard products include a full line of low noise preamplifiers used in underwater electro-acoustic and seismic applications.

Preamplifiers are encapsulated and hermetically sealed in cylindrical enclosures.

They have a wide range of specifications as described below:

  • Gain 6 dB to 50 dB
  • Frequency From 0.05 Hz ( Low ) to > 500 kHz ( High )
  • Phase Matching Available to ± 1 degree
  • Input Impedance To 1500 Megohms, DC or AC-coupled
  • Noise To -169 dBV @ 10 kHz
  • Output Single-ended and differential
  • Output Drive ( Line Driving Capability ) To 65 mA
  • Distortion Less than 0.05%
  • Calibration Standard
  • Temperature Range – 45°C to 105°C
  • Depth Range To 1000 meters
  • Connectors

A variety of connector options are available to meet your specific application requirements

  • Construction Metal enclosure, hermetically-sealed

Complete testing of each preamplifier is provided prior to delivery. Test data is maintained on file at DL Instruments, and copies can be provided with the preamplifier shipment if required. All preamplifiers come with a one-year warranty.

DL Instruments would be pleased to assist in your preamplifier application requirements. Please contact our Sales Department by telephone at (607) 539-1108, by fax at (607) 539-1107, or by email to info@dlinstruments.com for preamplifier inquiries.